Welcome to JAIMS

JAIMS will educate you in the core qualities essential for business success as a knowledge leader -- those who act innovatively and who develop human networks for the betterment of society.
Through academic and professional programs, JAIMS provides opportunities for you to understand global business best practices and unfamiliar cultures; enhance your self-confidence and interpersonal skills for conducting business in a “target country” (i.e., your country of study), and in some cases, develop your foreign language competency for conducting business.

 JAIMS is situated in a refreshing and nurturing venue strategically located in the middle of the Asia-Pacific Rim – a nice balance to the academic intensity of the programs.  We also offer an internationally renowned team of instructors, personalized support and coaching to ensure your success in an academic environment, and an international mix of students.
Since 1972, over 23,000 individuals from more than 54 countries have participated in JAIMS academic programs and seminars. Our business networks and “JAIMS Bond” alumni relationships span the globe.