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Alan Wong's - JAIMS: Creating A Recipe of Success for the Community  

(Left to right: Jill Briney, Takeshi Horii, Leigh Ito)

Delivering to its promise, JAIMS continues to find ways to serve the Hawai’i community through its educational programs and volunteer services.  JAIMS is grateful to have the support of various organizations, such as Alan Wong’s Restaurants, who are committed to the advancement of our community and our people.

On January 22nd, JAIMS Executive Vice President, Takeshi Horii, and Director of Educational Programs, Constancio Paranal III, met with Alan Wong’s Leadership team - Jill Briney, Vice President of Human Resources, and Leigh Ito, Vice President of Development - to discuss collaborative opportunities on current and existing programs dedicated towards investing in our youth and our community. According to Mr. Paranal, the desire to personally reach out to Chef Alan Wong was borne out of the belief that successful individuals are community contributors.  As Mr. Paranal states,


“Although I don’t personally know Chef Alan Wong, my experience at his restaurants gave me an idea of the person that he is – innovative and collaborative.  And true enough, my brief interaction with him and his staff exemplified those ideals and values. I am excited and hopeful for what this partnership may offer our communities, most especially those who are in need.“


After speaking with the team, it is evident that both organizations share communal objectives representative of their vision for Hawai’i people within the global context. JAIMS is ever grateful for the opportunity and promises to continuously work with Alan Wong’s Restaurants towards the fruition of this partnership.