JAIMS Alumni "Check In" and Send Regards to 'Ohana in Japan

21 Mar 2011

21 March 2011


Below are messages sent by JAIMS alumni in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  If you would like to report on your status (or that of other alumni), or if you are wondering about the status of classmates based in Japan, please use this form http://bit.ly/dZnFbn


March 21, 2011
  • I'm glad not to hear anyone of ICMP-06F residing in Japan are hurt. Yuka, Mai, Mariko, Izumi, Mari, Yukiko are OK.... including Miyako who was in the earthquake area. -- Effendi Tjong (ICMP 06F), Jakarta, Indonesia
  • After the big earthquake, non-Japanese people and people who work at foreign companies moved from Tokyo. Many events were cancelled.  Many companies and factories are closed.  There are regular, planned blackouts. There are many changes in Japanese economy, politics, and our life.  I experienced the big earthquake on 11th of March, and returned home on foot (a 3.5 hour walk) as many did.  All the trains and subways stopped for many hours in the metropolitan area. People are worried, scared and tensed.  I hope each of us will make use of own power, talent, and wisdom to restore ourselves and our country. -- Kumiko Nishikata (ICMP 2000S), Tokyo, Japan
  • Tokyo is all right, even though our life has troubles, such as planned blackouts, lack of foods and threat of nuclear power, but we can stand inconvenient life because we are much better than peoples who are suffering from the very, very severe conditions in Tohoku area. Please cheer us, cheer Japan. We believe we can get over the disaster. -- Yukari Inauda (ICMP 99F), Tokyo, Japan
March 20, 2011
  • Presently in Singapore. I am in touch with a few other JAIMS family members, Lee Boon Gee and Loy Roy Hein Thuan. We are worry about our friends in Japan.   Would like to send my regards to fellow JEMBA V classmates in Japan -- Larry Kieffer, Christ Lamasch, Alex Lee, Angus, Hart, Charles Lin, Janji. Hope everyone is doing well. In Singapore, we have been receiving reports of power outage, radiation leakage; and losses and chaos after the quake, tsunami and nuclear explosion. At the same time, we have also seen lots of reports and images of Japanese people, stoicly going about rescue works and rebuilding their homes. Through it all, the spirit of the Japanese to overcome adversity shines through! The Japanese Spirit to overcome and triumph adversity will enable Japan to rebuild her economy. Thank you JAIMS Family Forum for enabling alumni members to continue to keep in touch even though it has been many years since we graduated.  -- Vincent W. Shia (JEMBA 1994-1995), Singapore
  • My familiy and I are ok, so far. -- Takayuki Hori (ICMP 02F), Yokohama, Japan
March 19, 2011
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm safe. I wish all other JAIMS family members are safe. Let's all support all those people in northern Japan who are now still suffering. And I thank you for the support from foreign government, rescue teams, and donations.  -- Ryo Yukino (EWKLP 09S), Tokyo, Japan
March 18, 2011
  • Some of my relatives who live in Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima are affected by the earthquake; I am safe in Tokyo now. -- Minoru Saito (GBTP2000), Tokyo, Japan
  • My family was shaken up a bit, but we are together and everyone is okay. I have had communications with Larry Kieffer, Alex Lee, and Jun Kabigting.  I hope Mark Patton and family are safe. They are in Auckland, but their families in the Southern Island may have seen some of the earthquake activity. -- Chris Lamatsch (JEMBA 1994-1995), Yokohama, Japan
  • May God bless Japan and hope all of JAIMS family members are safe. -- Irving Chen (EWKLP 08F), Taipei, ROC
  • [Checking in] -- Noriko Omura (ICMP 95S), Shizuoka,Japan
  • Praying for all those affected by the tsunami, and the earthquake. Be well, we are all thinking of you. -- Ann Ferrara Gawlak (JMP-9), Middletown, CT, USA 

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